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You Can Read 70 Books per Year…

“First, most people can find sixty minutes each day to read. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t: fifteen minutes in the morning, fifteen minutes at lunchtime, and another thirty minutes in the evening. No problem. At this pace, you can devote seven hours to reading each week (or 420 minutes). The average reader moves through a book at a pace of about 250 words per minute. So 420 minutes of reading per week translates into 105,000 words per week. This book is roughly 55,000 words. Assuming that you can read for one hour each day, and that you read at around 250 words per minute, you can complete more than one book per week, or about seventy books per year.”

Reinke, Tony. Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books (Wheaton: Crossway, 2011), Kindle Edition, 130.


About Nick Kennicott

Nick Kennicott is married to Felicia, and has three children. The Kennicotts live in Rincon, Georgia (suburb of Savannah). Nick is the pastor of Redeemer Baptist Church (, and the founder and president of the Institute of Pastoral and Theological Training in Egbe, Nigeria. He is a former US Army Ranger (1/75 Ranger Regiment) and combat veteran. Nick has a BS from the Baptist College of Florida and a MA from Knox Theological Seminary. He is currently a PhD student at Faulkner University. His hobbies include gourmet cooking, golf, and standup paddleboarding. You can hear Nick weekly as a host on the Wrath and Grace Radio podcast, read his regular contributions at Reformation21, Christward Collective, and The Decablog, and follow him on Twitter @kennicon.

One response to “You Can Read 70 Books per Year…

  1. By working in the book world, I have to read a lot more than 70 books a year. Apparently according to my goodreads page I’m already over 25 books for this year.

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